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New homes in Kitchener

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Surrounded by rolling topography at the western edge of Kitchener lies Activa’s newest community: Trussler West.

This is where innovative building practices and a sense of community meet in perfect balance. Feel the difference of intimate streetscapes and friendly folks. A space where your children will meet their future BFFs on the swings, and you’ll chat with yours over coffee on front porches and leisurely strolls through the community. Where neighbours aren’t just the people on the other side of the fence – they’re friends. Experience a community where natural beauty isn't far from home - it's right outside your front door!

It’s the start of something new and we want you to be a part of it. Take off on an adventure with us and be among the first to settle in Trussler West.

Get on our list to be the first to hear about new homes in Trussler West!